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Facebook | How to Be More Interesting: 100 ideas for my Facebook friends. Part 1 of 5 (20 ideas each

Conscious incompetence. I used to live with a Harvard architect named Susan Gill, back when I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We decided to be more interesting, and agreed that if either of us said something was boring, we’d say, right away, “Boring”, which we found ourselves shortening to “B!” It was sort of painful for a few days (which felt like months) hearing each other say, “B!” “B!” “B!” However, it shocked us how much of what we said was, objectively, boring. This is one of the most amazing exercises I’ve experienced for achieving the state of “conscious incompetence” about being boring, which is almost halfway towards “unconscious competence” about being interesting.

Nice list of steps to take to become a more interesting person.

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