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Rooms for rent at Tortuga

There are two "rooms for rent" at Tortuga, an intentional community in Mountain View. It's a very cool group of artists, programmers, entrepreneurs and creators fo various sorts. One of the rooms is part of two bedroom apartment that is currently for sale. They plan to rent this room until the apartment sells. This creates an opportunity for someone who wants to rent a room in an intentional community and be a part of Tortuga on a short-term lease basis. The room will be available August 1, and rent is $900.

They'll be opening the unit up for for their July 31 party so people can check it out. If interested, talk to laughingstone.

The other room is in the home of Patri and Shannon. Shannon writes:

"My husband and I live in an intentional community in Mountain View, and we're looking for a new housemate. I'm a certified co-active coach, I would love to have someone with the wonderful communication and listening skills that CTI teaches, but being a life coach or NVC practitioner is not a requirement :)

The room is approximately 10' by 14.' Its like a little studio, with its own built in mini-kitchen, and it has a huge balcony (its a converted kitchen).

The intentional community consists of a dozen people who live in their own apartment buildings. We own the property, so each apartment is very unique in its customizations, with fun paint colors and the like. The atmosphere is very low key: its just a group of people who want friends as neighbors. The community has a gym, a lounge, a hot tub, and a little garden out front.

Please let me know if you're interested, or if you know anyone cool who might be interested."

If you're interested in this room, contact choiceful.

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