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Unspeakable Conversations - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Feb. 15th, 2003

02:35 pm - Unspeakable Conversations

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Date:February 18th, 2003 09:56 pm (UTC)
Public policy has no place in public policy. That way also lies ruin... There's no government like no government. ;-)

The American Heritage Dictionary defines nobility as "The state or quality of being exalted in character." While I would be the first to point out that the overwhelming majority of those involved with defining public policy are about as antithetical to that description as is humanly possible, I would argue that it's a helluva lot more desirable than money grubbing slackers whose main goal is to further the interests of those few with large wads of cash who financed their campaign.

Anyway, it looks like the only way for me to prove to you that I'm not a socialist pinko democrat is to finance some gimp's hospital bill, so if and when it happens I'll be sure to let you know.
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