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Facebook | John Rahim Mahdi: Rand Paul, the Civil Rights Act, and Private Discrimination

why on earth, in 2010, would a black person (or member of any other "protected class") wish to go out of his or her way to do business with, or place himself or herself in the employ of, a bigot? Is the "right" to fatten the pockets of someone who sees you as his or her inferior (by, for example, patronizing his or her business, or placing your skills at his or her disposal) really a right worth fighting for? If so...why?

For my part, I'd love to see a "No Blacks Allowed" sign, or something to that effect, in the window of a local bigot's business, so that I could know to avoid associating (financially and in any other way) with him or well as with anyone that he or she may be doing business with. As it stands now, bigots cannot "out" themselves in such an explicit way without fear of a lawsuit, thus we are probably all unknowingly doing business with bigots.

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