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The LiveJournal Valentine System

LJ Valentine's, oh boy! Via lj_nifty

The LiveJournal Valentine System

Welcome to the LiveJournal Valentine System, this site is designed to allow you to name another LiveJournal user as your valentines - without having to suffer the embarrassment of rejection.

Each member is allowed to nominate up to three other LiveJournal members which are stored upon ths system here.

At the end of the week, on Valentines day itself, you will be sent an email if one of the individuals you nominated also nominated you.

The idea for this site was originally presented in a public entry within my journal, to see if others would consider it useful or interesting. A sufficiently large number of people commented that I actually put the system together. (Amazing what somebody will do for a date ;)

Note: this site, and it's contents are not officially associated or affiliated with LiveJournal in any way, shape, or form.

I hope someone choo-choo-chooses me!

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