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The Raw Feed: MIT Teddy Bear Robot 'Enhances Relationships' - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Feb. 19th, 2010

01:08 pm - The Raw Feed: MIT Teddy Bear Robot 'Enhances Relationships'

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via therawfeed.com

"A robotic teddy bear developed at MIT combines robot interactivity with a kind of weird telepresence. The bear, called the "Huggable," has 1,500 skin sensors, actuators for movement, microphones in its ears, cameras in its eyes and a speaker in its mouth. Inside is a PC connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi. It can operated in fully autonomous mode, where it interacts without human intervention. More interestingly, it has a semi-autonomous mode, where it serves also as a conduit for interaction with someone over the Internet."

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Date:February 20th, 2010 12:40 am (UTC)
Sorry, in my book any robotic device that "enhances relationships" also has to qualify as a "marital aid".
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