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The FDA Encourages Big Pharma To Screw Us : Health Freedom Alliance

In a time when the government says they want to make healthcare cheaper it seems someone forget to tell the FDA. The government agency is on a mission to get all non approved FDA drugs off the market. Many of these drugs have been around a long time, are cheap and are helping patients that need them. But the FDA is encouraging Big Pharma to apply for FDA approval of a “branded” version of drugs that are already on the market. Once this approval is given the new FDA approved version cost more and the old version is now illegal to sell and the pharmaceutical companies sue to keep it of the market. A case in point is Philadelphia-based URL Pharma, one of many drug makers that used to sell a non approved drug called colchicine. But recently URL Pharma won FDA approval for a branded version of the drug called Colcrys, which sells for about $4.50 a tablet - nearly 50 times the price of the unapproved version and the company is now suing other drug makers to remove the very same unbranded version that they used to sell! Several months ago, Doris Webb was diagnosed with a rare disease called Familial Mediterranean Fever, a hereditary condition tied to her French ancestry that causes fevers, arthritis attacks and inflammation of the lining of the lungs and abdomen. Debilitating pain in her joints and bones was relieved by a prescription drug called colchicine.

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