crasch (crasch) wrote,

Suggestion for OKCupid

Dating sites should allow people to check what kind of contact they would a) like to receive b) like to give. For example, you might have a list on your profile page like this:

chat via IM
chat via phone
have coffee
have lunch
have dinner
have drinks
walk in the park
walk on the beach

You might also have a list for physical contact:

kiss on the cheek
kiss on the hand
kiss on the lips
hold hands
brief hug
long hug

Someone browsing your profile could see your list, and check those items that they would be willing to give to you. You would receive a notice that the person would like contact with you, and proffer up their list of ways they would like to be contacted. If you match, then those choices on which you both matched would be revealed. You might also allow people the ability to put up custom contact preferences. Of course, there should be a way to turn off or limit the number of notifications. I often browse through a lot of profiles, many of whom I wouldn't mind contacting in some fashion. But I only contact those few that seem highly likely to respond.

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