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Exploratorium: Press Information: | Exploratorium After Dark — Resolution — January 2010

Examine the role resolution plays in how we see, hear, taste, and feel, and how our minds synthesize sensations into a coherent (if sometimes incorrect) understanding of the world. For one night only this After Dark event features a special installation of the Cubatron by Bay Area artist and engineer Mark Lottor. A visually stunning and surprising favorite of music and art festival audiences, the Cubatron is a 3D light sculpture made from 8×8 foot modular cubes, each containing 1000 individually programmable RGB LEDs. Viewed from any direction—even underneath—the Cubatron’s thousands of programmed pixels paint exquisite arrays of color that cascade in spectacularly dynamic patterns. It’s just one small part of Exploratorium After Dark – Resolution on Thursday evening, January 7, 6-10pm. This event is included in the price of admission to the Exploratorium.

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