crasch (crasch) wrote,

Hans J. Wegner Peters Chair and Table

"When in 1944 Wegners good friend and colleague, Børge Mogensen, fathered a son, it was difficult for Wegner to find an adequate christening gift because of the war. So he decided to make one himself, and what was more appropriate than a small piece of furniture for the new-borne.

He went to work immediately and sketched small-scale chairs, tables and benches. Some models were assembled with glue, others could be taken apart. He finally decided for a chair consisting of 4 flat parts that could be assembled to a chair without the use of tools. In this way little Peter not only got a chair but at the same time a toy he cold assemble himself and take apart again.
Børge Mogensen was so enthusiastic about the chair that he helped Wegner to have not only the chair but also a small table put into production."

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