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Thought dump following Ephemerisle ‘09

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I’m exhausted, but I wanted to get some thoughts down before I forget. Don’t expect much coherence.

Cool things:

R/C controlled squid
ripple theater (light reflected from waves to screen)
achievement lounge - narrow walkway over water. If you make it to the other side, you get beer and lounge time
lighted water lillies
lighted “stars”
milk crate ferry
apocaisle campfire boat
Duncan, the medic and his girlfriend Kaylin
Chicken John, the builder/Yeller in Chief (”I’m not yelling at you, I’m yelling with you.)
Generva (”Master Chef”), makes delicious chili,kabobs, looks great in bikini.
somewhat less beardfull Reichart (”Chris is useful”)
150 people eating a feast on a floating platform in the Delta
Chevy powered couch boat licensed by the DMV (?)
Jeff Chan (useful, helpful–helped me dock the patio boat, showed me how to tie up a boat, monitored anchors, and helpful gather everyone together)
pirate pyramid (Patri eating his own dog food)
James, frazzled and tired, getting shit done.


floating knife
floating cell phone
floating epirb
life vest (Adventure? brand) — ask Jeff
vest light which lights up if you hit water
floating rope

To learn:

how to tie down load in pickup truck
how to sew inflatables
how to make paper mache
how to use el-wire
how to organize a crew without yelling at them
how to plan a large scale event safely
how to avoid anger when responding to someone doing something stupid (trying to carry giant pot of hot chilli on her head, docking next to you while you’re docking)
how to avoid resentment when Eloi are partying while the Morlocks work

Feeling less deferential.

Ephemerisle is great for oneitis! Didn’t think about X for at 4 days.

Great to talk with D. and D. and J. on the way back.

Burning Man/Ephemerisle are great practice for emergencies. Learn how to build ad hoc structures, energy, water, communication systems. Learn what you don’t know (how to tie knots, how to steer a boat, how to dock a boat, how to tie a boat to a dock, how to deal with law enforcement, how to rescue someone from drowning)

Does anyone make inflatable waxed paper? Watertight velcro?

Modular 4×8′ inflatable bags connected with mesh?

Little kid falling into the water screaming “help me! help me!”

Lashing houseboats together does not scale? Okay with 8 (?) boats, but much beyond that, and the odds of getting a bad boat increase. Also, what happens when one boat wants to leave? Need to have a dock, I think.

How to prevent newbie engineers from killing themselves? Will feel obligated to rescue them, even if we tell them not to come, that their boat is unsafe. Perhaps encourage non-structural art, such as inflatables (both air and water)? Certified design process?

Simple travel on the water is hard. Going 30 ft. can take an hour. We had great weather. What to do during a storm?

How to dispose of structures at the end? Burn boat? Sink ‘em? Store them?

Water and wind constantly try to kill you. Snapped ropes, crushed between boats, snapped platforms. Sean fell through milk crate walkway. Forces of aid are distant.

Helicopter (law enforcement?) circling the platform. Latching onto stray barrel couch boat?

Still feel alone in a crowd. How to feel more social?

Don’t screw outside the seams lest you puncture the barrels.

Needs more el-wire! Costumes!


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