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Self-deprecating humor the way to a woman’s heart?

Yes, according to this article:

The MOST effective way to get a woman into bed is by running yourself down, say scientists

His wry, self- deprecating humour is as important as his floppy hair and English charm at ensuring he always wins the heart of his leading lady.

Now scientists have discovered the technique used by Hugh Grant’s film characters can bring the same romantic success offscreen.

Taking the mickey out of yourself works far better than clever jokes, which might be seen as boastful and put women off.

The findings were outlined by anthropologist Gil Greengross, who conducted a two-year study into the role of humour in seduction.

Sweet! Hey ladies! I’m poor! And I have a pot belly.

The report, ‘Dissing Oneself: The Sexual Attractiveness of Self-Dep-Humour’, which will be published next month in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, also warns that the technique should not be attempted by those who are already unpopular.

It could make ‘low-status individuals’ appear ‘more pathetic’ than they did before.

Aw, crap….

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