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Mass arrests of Muslims in L.A.

What the hell are they thinking?!? Even if you care nothing for civil liberties, who knows best who the "good guys" vs "bad guys" are in immigrant communities? What's the response going to be to police investigating leads regarding possible terrorists? You think that the next time Iman learns of a terrorist plot, he's going to talk to the authorities?

Fools. Bloody fools.


Mass arrests of Muslims in LA
US immigration officials in Southern California have detained hundreds of
Iranians and other Muslim men who turned up to register under residence
laws brought in as part of the anti-terror drive.

Reports say between 500 and 700 men were arrested in and around Los Angeles
after they complied with an order to register by 16 December.

" People went down wanting to co-operate and then they were detained "
Ramona Ripston
civil liberties leader

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is refusing to say how
many people were arrested but said detainees were being held for suspected
visa violations and other offences.

The arrests sparked angry protests in Los Angeles by thousands of
Iranian-Americans waving banners which read "What's next? Concentration
camps?" and "Free our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons".

Official radio in Iran also reported the arrests and the protests, which it
said were mounted by families of the detainees who converged on Los Angeles.


Under the new US immigration rules, all male immigrants aged 16 and over
from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria had to register with authorities by
Monday unless they had been naturalised as citizens.

Immigrants from other mainly Muslim states have been set later deadlines
for registration.

Community groups said men had been arrested in Los Angeles and nearby
Orange County as well as San Diego.

California is home to about 600,000 Iranians who have been living in exile
since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

One of the Iranian-American demonstrators in Los Angeles, Ali Bozorgmehr,
told the French news agency AFP that his community was being targeted

"All Iranians that live in America are hard-working people... They love
this country and all... are against terrorism," he said.


Ramona Ripston, executive director of the Southern California chapter of
the American Civil Liberties Union, said the arrests were reminiscent of
the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

# Introduced after 11 September attacks
# Affects all males over 16 from a list of Arab or Mid-East countries who
do not have permanent resident status in the US
# A 10 January deadline will affect men from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Eritrea,
North Korea, Somalia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen

"I think it is shocking what is happening," she said.

"We are getting a lot of telephone calls from people. We are hearing that
people went down wanting to co-operate and then they were detained."

Islamic community leaders said many detainees had been living, working and
paying taxes in the US for up to a decade and had families there.

"Terrorists most likely wouldn't come to the INS to register," said Sabiha
Khan of the Southern California chapter of the Council on American Islamic

She said the detainees were "being treated as criminals, and that really
goes against American ideals of fairness, and justice and democracy".

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