crasch (crasch) wrote,

Elvis Shrugged

From a description of a comic book of the same name:

"In the 1997 of Elvis Shrugged, only one record company exists after
absorbing or driving out the others - Sony/Time/Warner. Perhaps it's a
bit extreme but after real mergers like Turner and Time-Warner or
Disney buying ABC, it's not that far fetched. Under the guise of
fiscal caution, Sony/Time/Warner has eradicated all music except
rock. But S/T/W becomes desperate to find anyone to keep the public
happy when the most innovative composers and singers began
disappearing. As Jon Peters and Peter Gubers say, "...we need new
blood. Certainly nothing chancy or innovative. Just new faces to do
the same old thing, which is what the rock industry has always been

Madonna refuses to work for Sony/Time/Warner and teams up
with the rejuvenated (via Austrian youthfulness treatments and
bionics) Frank Sinatra to record some revolutionary music they
found. But Sony/Time/Warner manages to absorb their tiny company,
Madonna tries to trace the missing musicians while Old Blue Eyes fends
off Colonel Parker (now a scientifically preserved floating head) and
Andrew Lloyd Webber on behalf of Sony/Time/Warner.

Madonna finds that Elvis is alive. After his 1970 comeback
concert, Elvis broke with the Colonel's, preferring to write his own
experimental music. While Elvis soul searched in Tibet, the Colonel
had a clone replace him, but when Elvis discovers that the clone has
become a sick parody, he engineers the clone's death in the most
embarrassing way possible. Then he enlists other musicians to the
cause, the first batch of whom, like John Lennon, Roy Orbison and
Sammy Davis Jr., fake their deaths and join Elvis in an island
hideaway - Blue Hawaii - where they can create music without
profit-driven pressure."
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