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“He snapped my bra like a Concord taking off, and I was unhooked for love.” - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Dec. 19th, 2008

08:50 am - “He snapped my bra like a Concord taking off, and I was unhooked for love.”

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Date:January 4th, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Well, from the wive's perspective, her mate is paying large sums of money (50 - 150 K) to have his head cut off by a creepy cult, instead of giving it to her. Imagine if your spouse planned to leave his money to Scientology.

Also, historically, many people who signed up did so after they married, so cryonics was not something initially on the table. We have a lot of ritual and taboos surrounding death, and all of it is upended by cryonics. Death may not be pleasant, but it is an "end". With cryonics, the spouse is in this limbo state. All sorts of questions arise, such as:

"Should she remarry?"
"Will he come back?"
"What if the cryonics facility goes out of business?" "How much attention does she owe him while he is cryopreserved?"
"Should she be working to raise money to revive him?"

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Date:January 4th, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, to me if he's paying for it with his money, go for it. I'm not kosher on someone bringing it up after getting involved and then saying 'oh by the way I'm going to need half of that cash from you', so I suppose I can understand that side of things. I'm just not really big on shared/pooled assets though, which is a bit odd to some I suppose.

I just feel like two adults should be able to sort all of that out in a reasonable manner. "Yes, I will have my head frozen, but I'd like you to remarry if that is what you want in life", etc.
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