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“He snapped my bra like a Concord taking off, and I was unhooked for love.”

A friend of mine recently posted what she’s looking for in a mate. Inspired, I decided to make one of my own.

Strong wants/must haves


Loves to read. Knows what makes a good argument. Understands the principles of statistical reasoning (i.e. knows the difference between a controlled experiment and an uncontrolled experiment). Can write and speak well.


Never does something to be deliberately hurtful. Treats all people with respect, not just those who can advance her agenda. Never says unkind things about someone’s personal foibles. Looks for the best in others.


Tells the truth, as she sees it. Admits when she is wrong.


Pays bills on time. Does what she says she will do. Works hard at her job.


Makes me hot and bothered. Enjoys both cuddling and sex. Thinks I’m sexy.


Thirsts for new knowledge and new experiences. Willing to try new things. Can’t imagine ever running out of things to do, even if given an infinite lifespan.


Committed to maintaining and improving her body’s health and beauty. Eats lots of fruits and vegetables. Exercises regularly. Uses recreational drugs in moderation.

Likes Kids

Wants to have kids. Believes in giving kids a lot of love, freedom, and responsibility.


Supports stocking up on food, guns, and other supplies. Wants to stay out of debt.


Has some creative outlet–doesn’t particularly matter what it is. Could be writing, painting, algorithms, music, sculpture, dance, etc.

Good Humor

Likes to laugh. Finds joy in small things. Laughs at my jokes. Makes me laugh.


Listens to what I have to say. Willing to look for mutually agreeable compromises. Doesn’t demand immediate tit for tat. Thinks long term. Patient with my faults.


Likes talking with me about a wide variety of subjects. Tells me what she wants and needs.


Generally upbeat and optimistic about the future. Doesn’t dwell on her problems.


Will honor my desire to be cryopreserved and to cryopreserve my children if need be.

Would like to have

Wants to have her head frozen.
Likes pets (cats, dogs, whatever)
Wants to live on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean.
Clean and organized
Wants to become a hyperintelligent cloud of nanobots travelling through space at the speed of light.
Knows differential calculus.
Rides a motorcycle.
Knows how to tie knots.
Likes to dance.
Hearty. Not easily dissuaded by harsh environments. If she likes going to Burning Man, she’s probably hearty.
Resilient. Easily bounces back from hardship.
Flexible. Could be happy living anywhere from a small town to the big city, here or abroad.
Outgoing, makes friends easily.
Indifferent to fashion

Tolerable foibles

Absentminded (forgets birthdays, purse)
Imperfect body (some flab, wrinkles okay)
Imperfect eating, spending habits.
Lack of confidence
Religious belief. Buddhism is probably okay. Some forms of Christianity, such as Deism, will also work.
Crazy family.
Terrible at telling jokes/funny stories

Deal breakers

Smokes regularly.
Doesn’t want kids. ( I’m in no great rush to have kids, but I would like to have them someday. )
Dishonest. Has affairs, skips out on debts.
Excessively religious. If you demand that I go to church on Sunday, or think I’m going to hell because I don’t believe as you do, it probably won’t work out.

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