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Thanks to the seasteading volunteers

Many volunteers helped with the seasteading conference. My thanks to everyone who helped, especially the following people:

  • Justin Owings for designing the t-shirts and signs.
  • Helen Lein for designing flyers. ( Helen works with a group of women who help women with breast cancer. She teaches yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation, and she provides FREE home lessons to women who are undergoing treatment. The link goes to the volunteer site. )
  • Eelco Hoogendoorn, Mike Katsevman, and Andrea Fassina for setting up and tearing down the conference rooms.
  • Lexi for helping to set up the conference room, and manning the reception desk.
  • Wayne Gramlich for planning, reserving the hotel, and building and demonstrating seastead models (among other things that I’m probably not aware of).
  • James for planning, preparing and manning the volunteer table.
  • Gayle for planning the workshops, organizing the kayaking and Forbes Island dinner, moderating the workshops, and many other things.

My apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone’s contributions. If so, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the list.

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