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Wall-E, Herbivore, Salsa, Places in the Heart

WALL-E is superb. Go see it!

My only criticism: I thought it had an excessively pessimistic view of the future of humanity. The movie depicted humans as rotund, bland cruise ship passengers, incapable of even walking without the help of their ubiquitous robot servants. And due to reckless disregard for the environment, the earth has been turned into a gigantic toxic waste dump.

I don’t think that’s happening. If anything, I think humans have become much more capable, complex beings than they were 100 years ago. And the environment is cleaner now (in the west), due to increases in wealth and knowledge. And I expect that trend to continue, as we become ever more efficient.

Today, I had lunch today with James, Kim, Alex, Darryl, and Kai, in honor of Alex’s soon departure for London. We were originally scheduled to have brunch at Universal, but it was too crowded. So, at Kai’s suggestion, we relocated to Herbivore. I had the green papaya salad. I’d never had it before, and I was expecting a green salad, with chunks of papaya added. It was, in fact, a huge mound of shredded papaya. A little would’ve been okay, but as an entire dish it was too much. I liked the decor though, and everyone else seemed to like their dishes. I’d go again.

It was fun to watch Kim’s reactions to the boy talk.

Immediately afterward I had private salsa lessons. I really should film myself. I’m sure my moves right now are comic gold.

After salsa, a nap.

Then dinner with Carly, Doug and Marcus. They’ve been in the typical new baby hermit mode–this was the first time I’ve hung out with them since Marcus was born six months ago. We had steak, baked salmon, fruit salad, and mashed potatoes. So yummy. Then we watched Places of the Heart. Sally Fields was so cute!

A fun weekend.

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