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Crap. I got hoodwinked by a Craigslist spammer.

——————————- original ad

Pay a toll for the next car

Ok then. I’m 29 no kids I do have three babies though. Kitties actually, and I’m dog sitting a terrier. I really enjoy being amused and I have a tendency of being entertaining without trying. Mostly because I’m so cheezy. Most people I’ve known describe me as sweet and clever. I enjoy cooking and doing crafts and I love playing paintball and videogames, and boardgames too I suppose. I really love to go stargazing which is easy on me since I’m such a night owl.I’m not sure who I’m looking for. I love getting to know all kinds of people. I think I’d like to find someone interested in being involved in a long term happily ever after sort of thing though. No pressure though.

Basically this is me and if you like what you’ve read drop me a line.

——————————- My response

Hi Tallchic,

Ooh, paintball. I’ve only been once, but it was a blast. It’s unusual to encounter a woman who likes to do it — it seems to be mostly a guy thing in my experience. Where do you like to play?

I’m also a night owl. If allowed to sleep whenever I want, I tend to stay up later and later until my sleep schedule is entirely inverted. What hours do you like to sleep?

You can read about me here:

Pictures of me are here:

If you like what you see, perhaps we can meet for coffee sometime? If we hit off, maybe we can go stargazing sometime?


——————————- “Her” response

Hey Christopher Rasch I got your email from my ad I posted!

What was it in my ad that interests you? Did you like my pic I posted on there? I know I talked about some stuff in my ad but what do YOU actually do for fun and whats your ideal date or would your ideal date be like?

If you tried to send me a photo I didn’t get it, my email won’t let me download attachemnts for some reason. It’s probably my email messing up. Stupid email it can be a problem sometimes. I think it’s probably cuz computers HATE me but I try my best.

I do most of my ‘correspondence’ on my blog cuz it’s not blocked at work, plus it’s like myspace but without the 14 year old kids lol.. My work has some internet thing where they are able to block some sites.

My blog/profile is where you’ll find my bio/stuff about me etc plus I keep a mini photo journal of life. On my profile I have a couple more pics of myself that you can look at on my journal so… You should check it out, you might have to sign up to view profiles, I think so but its free anyway. You can view my profile by clicking here or cut and pasting the link you can search for me, I’m britney4306 once you’re there.

Britney Barnes (my real name, was too scared to use it on craigslist)

P.S. I hope you don’t mind but I was feeling a bit frisky so I included a pic I took today! I’m so excited!
Please note that this is a reply to your intial email and if you don’t want to hear from me again just say so, cuz I’m a good girl sugar!

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