crasch (crasch) wrote,

Sensual voices...

Some people get turned on by physical body parts--boobs, butt, 'n hair...

I get turned on by voices.

For example, I thrill every time I hear Terry Gross announce the beginning of her program, Fresh Air

This is Terry Gross, and you're listening to Fresh Air...

[Homer voice] Mmmmmmhh, Fresh Air.

Kathleen Turner. Would Jessica Rabbit have been the same without her?

Elizabeth Hurley. I'm a sucker for a British Imperial accent.

It's not just women's voices, either. James Earl Jones. Isaac Hayes. Barry White. Sam Elliott. (Hmmm...I just noticed that most of the male voices are black men.)

My favorite though, is Joan Greenwood. She performs opposite Alec Guinness in The Man in the White Suit an Ealing Studios comedy about an inventor who creates a fabric that will never get dirty, and never wear out. Greenwood plays the seductive daughter of a textile manufacturer who secretly helps him develop his fabric.

One cannot do justice to her voice in writing. All I can say is rent the movie. (Or any of her other movies....)

[Homer voice] Mmmmmmhh, Joan Greenwood....
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