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The Hidden Costs of Documentaries - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

May. 20th, 2008

02:24 am - The Hidden Costs of Documentaries

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Good thing we have copyright, to encourage artists to create new works.

The Hidden Cost of Documentaries

Clearance costs - licensing fees paid to copyright holders for permission to use material like music, archival photographs and film and news clips - can send expenses for filmmakers soaring into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jonathan Caouette’s “Tarnation,” for instance - a portrait of a young man’s relationship with his mentally ill mother that Mr. Caouette edited at home, on a laptop computer - was widely reported to have cost $218. In fact, after a distributor picked up “Tarnation,” improved the quality with post-production editing and cleared music rights, the real cost came to more than $460,000. Clearance expenses were about half the total.

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