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Obama: the 6% change

If Obama represents “change “, how much change can we expect from him?

The Senate has held 645 roll-call votes while Obama and Clinton served together in the Senate. Their votes differed only 40 times. 94% of the time they voted identically. (1)

Also, “….On Congressional Quarterly’s tally of how often senators support Bush’s positions on issues coming before the Senate, in 2005 Clinton earned a 31 out of 100 rating (with 100 meaning totally supportive of Bush) and Obama got a 33.

On the National Journal scale of liberal to conservative positions, again based on roll call votes in 2005, Obama rated an 82.5 (meaning he was more liberal than 82.5 percent of his Senate colleagues) and Clinton a 79.8…” (2)

Of course, that Obama would change so little is probably a large part of his popularity. If he actually stood for significant change, he’d be polling the same numbers as Kucinich or Paul.



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