crasch (crasch) wrote,

You know you're in the South...

...when they sell "Country Music Weekly" at the grocery store checkout stand.

And what better way to celebrate my arrival in the South than some X-rated country songs?

[The following country songs contain lyrics of a extremely frank and explicit nature. Listener discretion is advised. At the very least, please refrain from inserting one of these into the songlist at your next wedding. Please direct cold, disapproving stares and irate messages to my friend Toli Lerios, who was gracious enough to send them to me.] That Sexy Dance You Do.mp3 It Say Gucci On Your Underwear_.mp3 Believe That Lie I Gave You.mp3 Magazines.mp3 Don_t Want Another Wife.mp3 Never Missed A Lick.mp3 Your Neighbor.mp3 Your Daddy Happy.mp3 The Hood Of The Car.mp3 Sheriff Wore A Dress.mp3

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