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GEEK: shell script question

[EDIT: it's called a "here document"] Thanks variax!

Suppose you want pass in a complex query to a command line sql interpreter from within a shell script. You can do so with a command like this:

sql92 <<EOF 
    connect to db1 as LASTTRADES user eouser; 
    set format row; 
    select  p.fundkey as fundkey, 
        max(t.closed) as last_trade 
    from    mposition p, mtrade t 
    where   p.primarykey=t.positionkey 
     and    t.createdbycorporateaction=0 
    group by fundkey; 
There’s a name for the syntax of the argument: <<EOF...EOF

But for the life of me, I can’t recall it, or find it on the web. Anyone know this off hand?

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