crasch (crasch) wrote,

First glimpses of the Ron Paul blimp

First video of the Ron Paul blimp!

They think that they'll get a lot of reporters who want to fly in the blimp:

After a short interview on XMRadio just now they called back and asked if they could be on the blimp when it goes over Washington D.C. Other reporters have asked for the same.

They're also pretty confident that they'll be able to fly it over Wall Street, Times Square, and other restricted airspaces. Seeing the blimp over Times Square on New Years Eve would be awesome.

Note that they need to raise $200 K by Friday in order to make stops on the way from Elizabeth City, NC to Boston, MA. At the current donation rate, they will still make it to Boston by the 16th, but won't have time to make any stops.

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