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Ron Paul campaign seizes air superiority

As long time readers of my blog know, I have a fetish healthy fascination for airships.

And, as is apparent by my frequent pimping, I’m a fanatic supporter of the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

Thus, you can imagine how happy I am by the most recent brainchild of Trevor Lyman:


Lyman, as some of you may know, orchestrated the November 5th “money bomb”, which raised $4.2 million dollars for Ron Paul on a single day. That event put Paul on the political map, and was instrumental in improving Paul’s odds from 200:1 to the beginning of his campaign, to 6:1 now. (According to

Lyman is trying to raise $350,000 to rent a Skyship 600 airship for the month leading up to the New Hampshire primary. The plan is to fly the airship over major cities up and down the east coast. The airship could make an appearance at football bowl games, New Years Eve in New York City, and The Boston Tea Party fund raiser on December 16th.

So far, supporters have signed up to donate $272,000. A $25.00 or more donation buys you tickets in a raffle for flight time on the blimp. If you donate $5000, you’re guaranteed at least 18 hours of flight time.

So, if you’re a Ron Paul supporter, and you think this idea is as cool as I do, please donate.

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