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“Holy shit balls this acting is terrible! “

I think I know how it happened. Ron Paul's campaign staff is very frugal. So they hire a staffer to make their campaign ad. And the staffer, in turn, wanted to make an authentic ad, with real Ron Paul supporters, explaining in their own words, why they like Paul. But the activists were nervous and didn't want to flub their lines. So he had them memorize their lines from a script.

Big mistake

The result has just been posted to Youtube:

The general reviews are...not good. These are some of my favorite responses:

lol, oh my goodness, that was so corny. I love you, Ron Paul, but my goodness, do NOT approve THAT message. lol. I can't stop laughing.

Holy shit balls this acting is terrible! 


Ron Paul - FIRE your PRODUCER!!!!!!!!!! He's a Clinton Supporter!!!!

...Ron Paul looks like a mother fucking ANGRY OOMPA LOOMPA...

I liked this commercial but in the way I like David Lynch films.

Whoever produced this commercial needs to be taken out and shot.

...worse than a 1970's porno!

...never hire teenagers with a mental disorder to make your ad...

This video is such shit. We can't start off with this TV ad. I'll donate more money to make it stop.
Personally, if they air it, I think our best hope is that it achieves the cult status of the "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" ad from the 80's. Though perhaps the tsunami of bad reviews will cause them to come up with a better ad.

I don't don't think the campaign is making adequate use of the wealth of volunteer talent available to them. For example, all of the ads produced so far for this volunteer ad campaign are excellent, and would make a much better choice.

I think that they should sponsor an official ad contest, to see who can come up with the best 30 second ad. If you think this ad sucks, write the campaign at or call them at 703-248-9115. Perhaps suggest that they run an ad from the campaign above, or sponsor an ad contest.

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