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eCycle hybrid motorcycle

Introducing the eCycle hybrid motorcycle:

The eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle delivers 0-60 in just 6 seconds with a top speed of 80 mph. The target retail price for this hybrid motorcycle is just $5,500. The electric motor is used to power the motorcycle at lower speeds and once the eCycle hits cruising speed the gasoline engine takes over and the electric motor switches over to an electric generator and recharges the battery.

At 1500rpm or approximately 12mph, the vehicle control system directs the fuel injection to commence. The motorcycle then receives torque input from both the engine and the electric motor until the motorcycle hits higher speeds and the gasoline engine takes over completely.

At only 230 lbs, the eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle has been redesigned from the 2001 model, which featured a 219 cc diesel-electric hybrid power system. The newer eCycle also features lower, more relaxed seating position, making the platform ideal for entry-level riders and commuters and the rear suspension sports a Penske Racing Coil-Over Mono-Shock.

The eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle transmission is a 2-speed, constant mesh, 3-shaft design utilizing ball and needle bearing construction with custom rolled gears. Low gear features an over-running clutch for smooth shifting and safety.

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