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Dr. Frog - audible plant water alarm - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jul. 5th, 2007

02:47 am - Dr. Frog - audible plant water alarm

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My friends Carly and Doug announced tonight that Carly was pregnant. Yay! Carly expressed some doubt about her parenting ability “I can’t even keep our plants alive…” To which I replied, “Well, if your plants could scream and cry like a baby, I’m sure you wouldn’t have much trouble keeping them alive.”

Of course, the product already exists:


Indoor house plant care is easier when Dr. Frog(TM) tells you when plants are thirsty. Proper moisture keeps indoor plants healthy. With If Doctor Frog(TM) in the house, you’ll know when to water. Insert Dr. Frog(TM) moisture sensor probes into the soil. Doctor Frog(TM) checks the health of your potted plants by checking the moisture level. This croaking frog alerts you when to water your plants. No more guess work. No more over watering plants. No more dirty fingers from checking soil moisture with your finger.

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