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…a nationwide Crossfit style fitness chain. Each location would have a linked passcard system, so that a your fees go to each location in proportion to the amount of time you attend that facility.

…an open source virus checking system, financed via subscriptions. You only get automatic updates if you subscribe.

…a blog ad network that facilitates “ZeFrank-style”, gimmesomecandy ads.

…more “Crash Worship” concerts.

…a “religion” that’s a cross between a public library, a tool library, a fitness club, the Boy Scouts merit badge system, extropianism, and a “Crash Worship” concert.

…residential cruise ships with permanent berths targeted toward middle income families.

…patent consortium that behaves like a benevolent “patent troll”. Anyone can join for a nominal fee. All members will have access to all of the patents owned by any other member of the consortium for free. Anyone who doesn’t join will be hit with vigorous lawsuits based on the consortiums patent portfolio. License fees (minus lawyer fees and consortium mainenance) will go toward pro-intellectual freedom legislation.

…24 hour personal trainer/valet.

…vice cruises, which travel the world taking advantage of regulatory arbitrage opportunities.

…medical tourist partnership between U.S. physicians network and overseas hospital.

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