crasch (crasch) wrote,

Tiburon Taxi Sucks!

Do NOT order a taxi from Tiburon Taxi:

Tiburon Taxi
Belvedere / Tiburon, CA
Phone: (415) 789-5356

I placed a reservation for 6:00 p.m. pickup at about noon. When I called at 6:10 p.m to ask where the driver was, the dispatcher had no record of the reservation, and made no apology for the error. He did give me the number of another taxi service, but the number was out of service. Since I did not record the name of the person who took my reservation, I could not dispute his claim. However, since I suspect that I have more google-juice than Tiburon Taxi, I at least will hopefully contribute to putting the company out of business and make room for a company with better customer service.


BTW, I had a good experience with Marin Cab Company, the company I hired instead of Tiburon Taxi:

Marin Cab Company
1 415 455 4555

Ask for John S. Murray, my driver.

And if Tiburon Taxi wants me to take this down, I will do so if they do the following:

1. Send me a written apology.
2. Donate $50.00 to the Electronic Frontiers Foundation. The $50.00 is the difference in price between the cost I would've paid had Tiburon Taxi done their job, and the price I actually paid (I missed the shuttle at Larkspur Landing for the airport, and had to take a taxi all the way).
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