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RAP17 paintball marker

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The RAP17 paintball marker is made of metal alloy and hard plastic. The slide and internal mechanism are made of hardened metal alloy and steel that can withstand drops, rough use and abuse. The RAP17 functions like a real handgun with blowback action and strong kickback. It's powered by a refillable internal built-in CO2 reservoir inside the handgrip which can shoot 30 rounds of .43 cal paintballs per each fill. Filling up CO2 is easy, the RAP17 package comes with a fill adapter that can be connected to any regular CO2 tank (45g, 200g, 9oz, 12oz, etc.) to fill up the RAP17.

A 12g disposable CO2 cylinder version of the RAP17 is also available. This version is called RAP17 EX, EX stands for external. This is having the 12g disposable CO2 cylinder locate inside the pistol grip that capable of firing more than 30 rounds.

Unlike other RAP Series, the RAP17 doesn't eject shell casings. The paintballs are loaded into a magazine which can hold 10 rounds and the magazine is inserted into the handgrip. Just like a real handgun, the RAP17 stops shooting when the magazine is emptied. The muzzle velocity is adjustable from 180 - 300 fps.

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