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KWA G17 (GLOCK) Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol

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KWA G17 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol
Item Code : GP-KSC-G17-MET
Stock : Click on Above Item Code
Model : G17 Gas Airsoft Pistol
Manufacturer : KWA

- Gas Powered Automatic Airsoft Pistol
- Full Metal Slide and Barrel
- Weight: 1.8 Lbs
- Velocity: 320 fps (0.2 g BB)
- Made in Taiwan

Finally, KWA has released their new G17 complete with Metal Slide and Metal Barrel for maximum durability. This gun performs flawlessly with green gas and is an excellent choice for both airsoft hobbiests and Law Enforcement Training environments. This new gun mimics the operation of real pistols for good repetition during force-on-force training. Whether you're a gamer or a professional, this product will serve you well.
In the wide world of air guns, and especially gas guns, KWA is a recognized leader with years of experience and plenty of state-of-the-art products to prove it. Their 1:1 scale guns are superbly detailed, and feature a gas blow back full stroke and full open system, real live short recoil, a drop slider loading process, an excellent piston unit, a quick detachable metal magazine, as well as unmatched effectiveness at ranges of 30 to 40 feet! Wait till you get one of these beauties in your hands - with its realistic weight and look you'll be loathe to let it go.
Differences between KSC and KWA:
The only difference is the box, both KSC and KWA are in fact the same, they are made in the same factory in Taiwan to exactly the same specifications. This is contrary to what some people believe in that KSC guns are made in Japan. However it is confusing as KSC have made it so that only KSC and not KWA guns are exported to Japan. Whereas KWA can be exported to every other country, in general a KSC gun is more expensive partly due to the cost of first shipping the gun to Japan. Some other differences are a more robust design in the KWA's, which incorporate metal slide and barrels.
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