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New SIMUNITION® Drop-In/Replacement Kits for Glocks.

"New SIMUNITION® Drop-In/Replacement Kits for Glocks.
Posted on Tuesday, November 13 @ 18:00:17 PST by davidc

Training This was my first stop at TREXPO East, since it was located inside Tactical & Survival Specialties Inc.'s area, at the front of the hall. SNC Technologies Inc. (SNC TEC), a Canadian company, is, of course, famous for their line of specialty training ammunition and marking cartridges. In fact, they're currently the industry leader in this field. Lou Solis, SIMUNITION®'s East Coast manager, showed me one of the company's new marker cartridge conversion kits for the Glock pistols. The new kit, consisting of either a proprietary barrel and spring assembly and replacement magazine for the G17, or replacement slide, barrel and spring assembly, and replacement magazine for the G19 or G22, turns any of these guns into a Glock 17T training pistol, without the need for any tools.

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For Glock 17's, things are easiest, since all that is required is a drop-in barrel and spring assembly. For Glock 19's and Glock 22's, SIMUNITION® was forced to engineer a replacement slide and barrel assembly (along with spring),because the barrel replacement alone was not sufficient for proper functioning of the weapon. It should be noted that there is currently no kit available for the G23. The engineering of replacement slides is a recent development that has occured since the TREXPO East exhibition.

One of the interesting feature of the replacement SIMUNITION® barrel is the safety hole located on the right side of the chamber area. This hole permits the escape of high pressure gases in the unlikely case that someone is stupid enough to try to fire a real 9mm round through the SIMUNITION® barrel. The hole will essentially keep the gun from completely grenading in the shooters hand. The new drop in units are less expensive than arming all the trainees with 17T's. Once converted, students can fire Simunition's proprietary 9mm training round through the gun. DefRev hopes to soon have a couple of these units for T&E.

If you'd like to visit SIMUNITION®'s website and learn more about their products, click here. SIMUNITION® is a registered trademark of SNC Technologies Inc., Canada"
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