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Tippmann C-3 Propane powered paintball gun

"The Tippmann C-3™ with PEP (Propane Enhanced Performance) technology is the world’s first propane powered paintball marker. With more than 50,000 shots per 16-ounce tank, you can spend more time playing paintball and less time trying to find a place to fill your CO2 tank. Propane provides the same effective range as CO2, but it is not affected by temperatures and has the same consistency as nitrogen or compressed air. Propane is a safe form of fuel used in many household items and the propane canisters can be picked up at many retail locations at a fraction of the cost of CO2.

The new C-3 is a pump action marker that will appeal to players wanting to focus on strategy and marksmanship as well as new players looking for a fun and easy way to play paintball. The C-3 is an aluminum and composite construction and features a 13” mandrel wrapped composite barrel for added accuracy and reduced weight. MSRP $229."
Tags: guns, paintball
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