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National Self-Defense Day

In my opinion, U.S. citizens have generally greater access to guns primarily because we have a strong gun culture -- not because of the 2nd amendment (although it acts as a useful rallying point). Lot's of people grow up around guns, and think it's quite normal hunt, shoot, and defend themselves with guns. Unfortunately, that gun culture is fading in many parts of the U.S., as the country has become more urbanized, and fewer people grow up on farms. As a result, to more and more of the population, guns are scary, unfamiliar weapons, which should only be used by intensively trained, heavily regulated government workers. (Witness the recent ban on firearms in San Francisco).

How can we preserve and strengthen our gun culture?

In my opinion, we need to have more opportunities to expose people to guns, to show people that gun owners are safe, responsible citizens, to educate people about the proper use and value of guns. Perhaps we should have a National Self Defense Day? Maybe set up shooting gallery at the fairground? Have parades? Open carry pistols?

Does such a thing exist already?
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