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How to photocopy a book with a digital camera: notes

The copy stand works fine with a small digicam. With the 990, you'd either
hold it on top of the lens opening, or use a filter adapter. The copystand
has 49mm filter threads and the 990 has 28mm. So you'd get a 28-37 adapter
and a 37-49 adapter from (the 28-37 is a specialty item and
kind of expensive but the 37-49 is a standard item and cheap) and use them
to mount the camera on the copy stand. With the S100, I use the CKC Power
S100 filter adapter plus the 28-37 and 37-49.

Unfortunately the Pentax copy stand isn't made any more, but Olympus
apparently makes something similar (I haven't seen it). You could also
try a more normal copy stand, like a Testrite CS-1, or as mentioned, a
tripod with a side arm (Bogen 3001 Pro is probably a good choice--make
sure to get the Pro model with the horizontally-mountable center column).

My complete standard get-up:

- Two Toshiba PDR-M4 cameras, each with a 64MB smartmedia. (If anything
fails, I can keep shooting)
- AC adapter for camera
- Cheapie laptop computer (Compaq LTE 5000-series w/6 GB drive and
PCMCIA-smartmedia adapter)
- AC adapter for laptop
- Two metal bookends
- Two clamp-lamps
- Power strip with at least four outlets
- Heavyduty 25' extension cord. (In case they put me someplace that
doesn't have an available outlet.)
- Simple table-top tripod
- Plastic desktop copy holder

Total weight: about 15 pounds, of which 1/3 is the extension cord.

Bogen Clamp Pod
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