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Car Laundry

Via Ghost Dancer:

> A modern washer.
> I was looking for a link to "Gamma Lids" but at my slow speed I
tend to time out before I locate anything.
> A Gamma Lid is an add on for a std 5gal bucket. It snaps into place
of the original lid & has a seal like the original lid. But, the
center of a Gamma Lid unscrews & is removable. It, like the outer
seal, is also water & air tight and will not leak.
> The bucket; Plastic bucket such as pickel icing buckets. 3gal = 10"
tall, 5g = 14 1/2", 8g = 19" tall. I got lucky to find an 8g but a
5g will work. Remove the old lid & clean. Remove the wire bail
handle. (optional) Mine was hung in the rear of my trailer so I
removed the handle.
> Other parts; 4 eye bolts, 8 stop nuts, 8 neopreme washers, 8 fender
washers, 4 regular washers (all 1/4" Stainless Steel), some silicone
sealent. 1 3/8ths plastic "T", 1 1" plastic "T", a 3/8" valve & hose
barb & enough hose to drain. A 1" to 2" bushing & 2" screw (fill)
cap. Pipe glue.
> Construction; A note. I took the time to bend the fender washers to
the contour of the bucket wall. May or maynot be of nessesity. Run 1
stop nut nylon side to the eye onto each eye bolt. Drill 1/4" holes
into the bucket, 2 each side 1 top, 1 bottom. (I used the fender
washers to make certain I had clearance of washer flange. And I lined
up on the bail's former location. At the top I put the bolt just
under the bottom ring, again, useing the washer for spacing.) Put
regular washer onto each bolt fallowed by fender then neopreme
washers. Put bolts on bucket. On inside, put on neopreme then fender
washers. Put locking nut on nylon away from eye. Put on to just a
thread or two past nylon. This should leave bolt loose but in bucket.
Apply liberal dose of sealant to bucket where it will contact the
washers. Tighten outer nut.
> Drill holes for "T"s, try to get a snug fit. Another note; I had
scrap pipe on hand so I put short pieces into the "T"s & drilled
holes to fit over the eye bolt nuts. On the drain side I made holes
in the bottom of pipes to let water in to drain, on the top Imade
holes to dump water across the clothes.
> Glue te "T"s into place from inside bucket, single leg out. When
glue is very dry apply sealant to help seal. Attach drain & fill
parts. Hang & enjoy new washer.
> Use; Open lid, insert clothes, close lid. Add soap & water to fill.
(dry soap goes in with clothes. I use liquid soap added before water
to fill cap.) Drive 20 to 30 miles & drain. Fill with rinse water,
drive 20 to 30 miles, repeat. (I like to rince twice. But I carry
plenty of water. Once would likely do.) Hang up to dry. {or put into
solar dryer. another story later.} In an 8gal I got 2 or 3 changes of
clothes depending on the season.
> Good Luck
> Dance

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