crasch (crasch) wrote,

Bamboo struts

After one year development, we present a bamboo space frame with a new bamboo connection developed by us. The construction is a tetrahedron and with it the minute-possible demonstration of a 3-dimensional structure.

Linear grown bamboo is suitable for the reception of pressure and tensile forces ideally. Up to now, it neither was possible to realize complicated geometries, still it wasn't possible to take advantage of the high tensile strength of bamboo.

Now we solved these problems. The bamboo rods prefabricated by us with their connections meet in a knot, at which they are simply screwed on. At laboratory examinations about the tensile strength, we could prove, that our connection can use the full tensile strength of bamboo tubes.

Our students of architecture have designed bamboo space frame structures. Please have a look at the designs!

The simplicity of the assembly and the capability of our connection technology offers completely new perspectives and up to now undreamt-of possibilities for building with bamboo.
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