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Roplene Boats

How did I get to be so old and not know about roto-molding? I don't see how anyone who can direct their own time and has an internet connection can ever be bored.

Roplene boats are roto-molded completely out of plastic. They can be sawed in two and still float, resist corrosion, cost less, and have lifetime guarantees.

Genmar Industries recently introduced a new tri-hull pontoon boat, constructed using the company’s patented Roplene construction process and featuring a lifetime, limited warranty on the hull, even for saltwater use.

Roplene is a patented dual-wall construction system made by rotomolding marine-grade polyethylene. Rotomolding allows Genmar to build higher-quality, stronger boats at a lower cost for the boating consumer.

Unlike fiberglass, the Roplene hull material is naturally buoyant. In fact, while a Triumph boat isn’t the only brand that can be sawed in two and still float, it is the only one that can be easily fused together again. There are more Roplene advantages, too. Generally lighter than fiberglass models in the same lengths, boats constructed with Roplene can run faster and more efficiently with less power. They provide comfortable, dry and quiet rides.

In addition to the durability and strength of its Roplene construction, the Windsor Craft ultra pontoon has enhanced performance characteristics. The Windsor Craft features planing hulls with bows designed to cut through the water efficiently and eliminate spray.

Production of the Windsor Craft ultra pontoon will be limited during the 2004 model year, and only 100 specially selected dealers will carry the new line. Genmar, with approximately 6,000 employees and 12 manufacturing centers in the United States and Canada, is the world’s largest builder of recreational boats and the industry’s technological leader with the development of VE Technology, the Roplene process, the Genmar FirstMate customer care service and the Genmar Integrated Vessel System.
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