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Richie Sowa's bottle island - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Apr. 16th, 2004

01:26 am - Richie Sowa's bottle island

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Date:May 14th, 2004 07:44 pm (UTC)

so many questions come to mind.

does he have to worry about soil errosion? or too much water in the soil? Does he swimm under and maintian the bottles? How many can be punctured before he is in trouble? What is the bouyant force of each bottle? How much does the island weigh?
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Date:June 11th, 2004 11:24 pm (UTC)

Re: so many questions come to mind.

I've been googling around looking at this island. It's pretty cool, I want to build one too!

It weighs 60 tons. As far as soil erosion, it sits in a lagoon in fairly calm water and there is a lip around the edge of the island that keeps soil from running into the lagoon (as far as I can tell). The buoyant force of each bottle can be calculated easily using Archimede's principle which states that the force is equivalent to the weight of the water displaced. So figured a 20 ounce water bottle, which is about 0.60 liters, and at 1kg / liter approximately, each bottle can support 600 grams of weight (not including itself, but I imagine that each is probably 50 grams or less). So 0.55 kg times 250,000 = 137,500 kg, or about 140 tons. It doesn't look like the island will sink any time soon.

I'd like to build an island with soaring palm trees, a nice garden, and a small hut to retire on.
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