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AquaCone Solar Distiller

Why Does The World Need An AquaCone Distiller?

Most of us take a safe water supply for granted. However, when disaster strikes, clean water is the most fragile of all resources. Whether as the result of an earthquake, hurricane, flood, biological or technological crisis, the risk of contaminated water supplies is very real.

Untreated water will expose you to diseases such as Giardia, Cholera or Hepatitis. Alternative water sources, such as lakes and streams, can commonly carry diseases as well. Solar distillation is natures way of recycling water through the ecosystem, also known as "natures water cycle".

Combining lightweight durability with convenient, compact portability, the AquaCone is able to distill virtually any water, anywhere, to provide a safe and reliable source of drinking water. It is a unique device that can use the sun to evaporate water from almost any source. The AquaCone has no moving parts to break and no filters to clog, and requires no fuel or electricity. Once set up, it does not need constant monitoring.

By providing third world countries a solar powered personal water distiller, fewer people will get sick and die from drinking contaminated water. Fewer forests will be devastated by populations that cut trees to burn wood for boiling water.

The AquaCone is a necessary addition to any boating kit, survival pack, or disaster preparedness kit. When collapsed, its rolled up size is just 21” Long by 6” in diameter and weighs less than 5 pounds. The condensing cone is made out of durable and UV protected polyurethane film.

The AquaCone is literally a lifesaver in any situation where only salty or polluted water is available. It is capable of removing a very wide variety of contaminates including biological pathogens, heavy metals, salts, and other chemicals. This is an important feature, due to its ability to produce purified water from water which has unknown levels and types of pollutants.

The AquaCone™ Design

The AquaCone is designed to float on any water source and may be used on oceans, lakes, or pools. It even has the ability to evaporate water from green plant material or damp earth, and also condense distilled water from any source of steam.

The AquaCone is designed to purify water directly from the source. It operates by floating on a body of contaminated water, using the sun to evaporate and purify it. The AquaCone utilizes the same water purification cycle found in nature-evaporation, condensation, and precipitation-driven by the energy of the sun.

The AquaCone condenser is constructed of extremely tough and flexible polyurethane film. This material is approved for potable water storage by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is specially formulated to resist damage from the suns ultraviolet rays.

The AquaCone comes in two parts, a condensing cone assembly and an inflatable-insulating floor. The cone assembly consists of a transparent cone welded to an integrated support tube and clean water collection pocket. The inflatable floor has an evaporative wick attached to its top surface.

The floor sits underneath the cone and is composed of an inflatable insulator attached to an evaporative surface which is kept warm by insulating it from the source water.

When gently dropped on a body of water the AquaCone’s dome inflates itself, supported by the air pressure inside. Under windy conditions support poles may be added.

How Does It Work?

The AquaCone uses only the power of the sun. Set it out, and let it go. The unique design not only captures the energy of the sun during the day, but at night as well. The temperature difference between sun-warmed water and cool night air is exploited to produce yet more water —up to a liter or more, over and above normal daytime production.

Solar energy is produced by sunlight.

Sunlight shines through the transparent AquaCone™.

An evaporative wick (water soaked pad) is warmed.

Drops of water adhere to the wicks fine fibers creating a large surface area for evaporation. This causes the air inside the cone to become saturated with water vapor.
Moist, heated air travels upward until it contacts the surface of
the cone.

Pure, uncontaminated water droplets roll down into a collection pocket around the rim of the AquaCone™.

The pure water can be drained through a valve.

The water can also be sipped from a tube that is supplied.

This process leaves all impurities behind in the wick, which can easily be detached and cleaned. Each AquaCone should make 1.5 to 2.5 liters of distilled water on a typical sunny day of operation. Amounts of water will vary depending on where you are located in the world, how much solar radiation is available, the source water temperature and the air temperature.
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