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SunWell SW200 Batch Solar Hot Water Heater

The SunWell SW200 solar water heater consists of a roof-mounted stainless steel tank and parabolic concentrating reflector contained in an insulated, glazed housing. Because the collector and tank are one and the same, no additional tank or heat exchanger are required. The SunWell runs on regular water pressure, eliminating the need for an extra pump and heat exchanger. The system is disconnected and drained during the winter. This type of solar water heater is called a seasonal passive solar water heater.

Seasonal passive solar water heaters are inherently reliable because of their simplicity. They have no controllers, no pumps, in fact no moving parts at all to wear out. They will operate for many years with no problems, and are used in thousands of homes around the world. The SunWell heater was chosen because it is made in BC, uses a stainless steel tank, and offers a 10 year warranty. It has been tested at the National Solar Test Facility to CSA standards. The SunWell will work as long as the sun shines— and even if it doesn’t! Sunny days give best performance, but the water will heat up a bit even on rainy days. If you need extra hot water, the existing hot water tank will automatically make up the difference.

What maintenance is needed?
The SunWell seasonal passive solar water heater has no moving parts and very little that can go wrong, but it MUST be drained each Fall, or the pipes on the roof will freeze. Draindown involves opening two drain valves and closing two supply valves. SUNWATER will go through the procedure with you the first time, and the manufacturer will send you a postcard reminder each Spring and Fall.

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