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[Raleigh] $200.00/windows backup

Our next door neighbor at work is a jeweller. He has a Windows system that he wants to get set up on a system of regular backups, but he's not sure how to go about it. If you're a techie in the Raleigh area who could use a couple hundred bucks to help him set it up, let me know.

Even if you're not, any tips and/or suggestions for appropriate hardware and software are welcome.

[Edit: He has a 100 GB drive that he would like to back up daily. I believe much of the content he wishes to back up consists of CAD files of jewelry designs. I think he has quite a bit of money, but no time and basic computer expertise, so it has to be dead simple.

Incorporating fishsupreme's suggestions, here's what I think I'll suggest to him:

* Buy 4 Gateway Western Digital Firewire/USB 2.0 external hard drives ($250.00 each), one for each of the following time periods:

1. daily
2. week
3. month
4. 6 months

* Buy a copy of Dantz Retrospect 6.5 for Windows (About $90.00. We use the Mac version of this, so I may be able to help him more.)
* Install on his office machine.
* Make 4 copies of his current hard drive, one for each time period above.
* Take them home and connect each in turn to his home machine. Check to make sure that the files are accessible.
* Every day, bring the "daily" drive back to the office. At the end of the day, copy/update the external drive with the contents of the internal drive. Bring it home.
* On friday of each week, swap the daily drive for the 1 week drive.
* On the 1st of each month, swap the daily drive for the 1 month drive.
* On January 1st and July 4th, swap the daily drive for the 6 month drive.

If daily backups prove too onerous, then he could do the same as above, except once/week. He says his 100 GB hard disk is full, so I'm guessing he'll want to expand it, which is why I specified the 200 GB hard disks. If he wants to save money, he could start out with 120 GB hard drives, for ~$130.00. ]
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