crasch (crasch) wrote,

Ramphos amphibious flying tricycle

Emerging from its earthbound roots and growing wings to fly into the unbound, RAMPHOS is an amphibious flying hull with wings made of anti-UV mylar of 15 mq. mounted as standard. Wings up to 21mq can be mounted too.
Ramphos comes as bi or three-cycle configuration, where different engine size can be mounted ranging from 50 to 80 Hp (Rotax, Hirt, etc.).
The propeller can be both two or three bladed, made of wood or composite material. The propeller ring functions as a protective as well as an anti-noise device.

The hull is made of common materials, which are easy to be found, therefore the hull can be easily repared in case of necessity.
The very roboust construction of the hull, allows Ramphos to be belly landed on grass and muddy surfaces, as well as marshland.
The overall design of the hull, which has derived from a meticulous hydrodynamic study, not only gives Ramphos high stability even on rough water, but allows it to perform a very quick passage to glide, with excellent directional controll even in unfavorable weather contitions.
New features has come with the realization of the three-cycle configuration which, as you know, is very easy to handle on the ground.
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