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March 24th, 2011 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Mar. 24th, 2011

11:24 am - Goat Stampede!

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05:25 pm - Women's Funding Network sex trafficking study is junk science

None of the media that published Richardson's astonishing numbers bothered to examine the study at the heart of Richardson's claim. If they had, they would have found what we did after asking independent experts to examine the research: It's junk science.
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07:33 pm - The Wrong Stuff : Risky Business: James Bagian—NASA astronaut turned patient safety expert—on Being

A nurse gives the patient in Bed A the medicine for the patient in Bed B. What do you say? "The nurse made a mistake"? That's true, but then what's the solution? "Nurse, please be more careful"? Telling people to be careful is not effective. Humans are not reliable that way. Some are better than others, but nobody's perfect. You need a solution that's not about making people perfect.

So we ask, "Why did the nurse make this mistake?" Maybe there were two drugs that looked almost the same. That's a packaging problem; we can solve that. Maybe the nurse was expected to administer drugs to ten patients in five minutes. That's a scheduling problem; we can solve that. And these solutions can have an enormous impact. Seven to 10 percent of all medicine administrations involve either the wrong drug, the wrong dose, the wrong patient, or the wrong route. Seven to 10 percent. But if you introduce bar coding for medication administration, the error rate drops to one tenth of one percent. That's huge.

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09:04 pm - Piotr Woronkowicz Laser-Etched Skateboard Art

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Laser etched skateboards by Piotr Woronkowcz.

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09:12 pm - Kathleen Dustin:: Exquisite Evening Bags

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11:07 pm - iPhly: Radio Control with iPhone by Ari Krupnik — Kickstarter

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iPhly brings iPhone's powerful CPU, multi-GB storage, full-color touchscreen and more to the R/C enthusiast. It's all in the wrist. Roll the phone to roll (or steer). Tilt down to pitch down. Swipe up to throttle up. Swipe side-to-side to yaw.

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