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January 15th, 2011 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 15th, 2011

10:12 am - Just as homosexual people are born, I am convinced prostitutes are born too.

Not every sex worker in the world enters the work because she has always felt a pull towards it. Many have. I know a number of women who have felt the interest from a young age, including myself (and this was before I even had a clear idea of what sex was). Conversations with these women reveal that we all say the same things about our early interest, we all became interested right before entering puberty and common myths about prostitution were not enough to dissuade us from desiring that life-path.

This is a very small sampling and it’s highly unscientific. Given what we know about genes and hard-wired behaviors — it seems more than plausible. Just as homosexual people are born, I am convinced prostitutes are born too.

My inspiration came last year after reading a US-based survey about attitudes toward gay people. The discovery of “gay genes” seems to have really turned the tide in popular thinking and acceptance of homosexuality. It sounds like an argument of convenience for prostitution. But if the range of human sexual orientation is, in fact, genetic; then how come prostitution — an extremely common sexual behavior — supposedly isn’t? What if prostitution isn’t merely a sexual behavior but is actually a sexual orientation? Why has prostitution always been viewed as a deviant behavior? How come people aren’t willing to examine the idea that a prostitute is a perfectly natural occurrence and that it’s society which has formed the deviant behavior around the prostitute?

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An interesting hypothesis which I have not heard before.

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04:20 pm - Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change

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Just learned that Stanford has a lab devoted to the study of persuasion and behavior change:


Be sure to check out some of there other stuff:


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05:06 pm - Cuddle party tomorrow

Planning to go to this cuddle party tomorrow:


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05:43 pm - Help editing name of Facebook page?

I created a Facebook page with a typo in the name.  According to Facebook's help center:

"If an error was made in your Page name when it was created, you have the option to edit the Page name to correct this issue. This option is only limited to Pages with less than 100 connections. After selecting to edit your Page, you can adjust this information from the "Basic Information" section.

Unfortunately, the page received more than 100 connections before the typo was caught.   There must be some way to do it, as organizations sometimes change names, but to date, I haven't been able to find out.

I've tried emailing "info@facebook.com", but I get a message saying it's an unmonitored email address.  I've also submitted a bug report for their "Facebook Pages", but the automated response referred me to their help pages. 

Any suggestions for getting the page name fixed?


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