January 2nd, 2011


How WikiLeaks Enlightened Us in 2010

WikiLeaks revelations from 2010 have included simple gossip about world leaders: Russia's PM Vladimir Putin is playing Batman to President Dmitri Medvedev's Robin; Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is crazy and was once slapped by a Revolutionary Guard chief for being so; Libya's Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi has a hankering for his voluptuous blond Ukrainian nurse; and France's President Nicholas Sarkozy simply can't take criticism. 

CBS News Special Report: WikiLeaks

However, WikiLeaks' revelations also have many  major implications for world relations. The following is a list of the more impactful WikiLeaks revelations from 2010, grouped by region.

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BookLiberator Lets You Make E-Books Cheaply (And Is Definitely Not Intended For Copyright Violation!

"Remember the sense of liberation that came from digitizing your CDs and then chucking a decade or two’s accumulation of archaic plastic? James Vasile and Ian Sullivan want to give you that gratification again–this time from rendering into bits your hundreds of pounds of dead trees.

Their invention, on display over the weekend at the HOPE hackers conference in New York: the BookLiberator, a simple contraption of poplar wood, screws, plexiglass, and two mounted digital cameras. Rest a book or magazine on the device’s adjustable base, and set its boxy frame so that the plexiglass spreads the pages flat. Take a picture with each camera, turn the page, and repeat. Before long you’ve created new fodder for your Kindle, iPad, or Sony Reader."

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Research analyst job opening

My friend Jon is hiring for his company (ad below).  If any of you know of someone who would be interested, please pass it along...

Thank you!


I think I mentioned to you that I would be hiring at some point, and that point is now.  I created what I call the "Sword in the Stone" to screen prospective candidates.  It's an online test (link below).  If you know anyone out of work or frustrated in their job who would like to start a new career, please forward the text and link, no matter where they are or what they are doing.  Not sure if they qualify?  Don't worry about it.  My online screening tool (below) will let me know whether they are qualified.

Reasons to apply:
Great boss (me)
Located in Mountain View, California (get out of that awful east coast/midwest weather)
Learn new stuff (market research, surveys, etc.)
Get published (a lot!)
Get into media (articles, news, webinars, research publications, conferences--we do it all)
Be part of successful media company (Crain Communications makes money and always has unlike, say, everyone else in media)

Although all kinds of qualifications would be nice, the key things I am looking for are: 1) can do analysis (understands and can readily apply to good effect simple mathematical concepts, y=mx+b, Venn diagram, standard deviation, linear regression, etc.) 2) can write very well (they do not need to be significantly edited, maybe they blog a bit or do creative writing), 3) can explain their findings in visual form using charts and tables that I do not need to clean up because they understand basic exposition of data, 4) are easy to work with.

They do not need to send resumes, but can just take the screening tool below.  If they are among the best candidates, I will be in contact.



Begin forwarded message:

We have officially opened up the application process for the new Research Analyst job!   Remember someone from college, from your last job, or from anywhere who 
really impressed you?  Please forward them this job description and ask them to take the screening questionnaire below.  Note: Anyone interested in this position must go through the screening questionnaire.  Candidates who score exceptionally well in the screen will be requested to submit resumes.  Thanks!

To apply for this position, please fill out this questionnaire: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22BMAHNC8QN/


Do you have a need to get to the bottom of things?  Enjoy becoming an expert whose opinions are highly sought after? Want to work with sharp people from some of the world's top schools?

If so, we have a unique opportunity for an outstanding analyst and writer to step in and make an immediate impact on a dynamic industry.  You will join a group of dedicated business professionals who together constitute the premier source of research, information and analysis on the booming contingent and temporary help workforce.  In the role of research analyst, you will conduct a wide variety of analyses and write research reports and articles to help top executives make better business decisions.


Staffing Industry Analysts is the premier advisory service about the contingent workforce. Known for its independent and objective insights, the company’s award-winning proprietary research, data, support tools, publications and executive conferences provide a competitive edge to decision makers who supply and buy temporary staffing. In addition to temporary staffing, Staffing Industry Analysts also covers these related staffing service sectors: third-party placement, outplacement and staff leasing (PEOs). Founded in 1989, acquired by Crain Communications Inc. in 2008, the company is headquartered in Mountain View CA, with offices in London, England.


The Research Analyst will report to our VP, Research and will be accountable for executing research projects, performing analyses, writing reports and providing analytic support to customers.  Compensation will be competitive.  Responsibilities include:

·         Developing unsurpassed expertise in assigned areas of the staffing industry and producing periodic comprehensive reports that communicate key business intelligence and analysis in clear and precise language supported by relevant charts, graphs and tables as well as originating and verifying supporting data from primary and secondary sources.

·         Researching and writing frequent thought-provoking analyses on current staffing industry events and trends.  This includes conducting financial analysis of staffing industry company results, collecting and analyzing government data as well as conducting internet-based research to produce unique content of practical value to our customers.

·         Participating in data collection via surveys and manipulation of publicly available data, in support of group projects. 

·         Developing additional technical expertise as required, possibly including mastery of software and/or staffing industry business practices, quickly and with a minimum of assistance.

·         Working closely with coworkers to develop extensions of current research product offerings as well as assisting in the development and planning for new research related offerings.  Providing thought leadership on the use of research and analysis for current and future products to deliver to Staffing Industry Analysts' customers.

·         Building general expertise in staffing and contingent work through monitoring of relevant news, research studies and industry developments.

·         Attending and participating in conferences as a member of Staffing Industry Analysts research team and assisting as needed with any or all conference planning activities, including speaker recruitment and support work related to the development and construction of speaker presentations.


The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following qualifications:

·         Research Skills – You have extensive experience in financial and statistical analysis for business, including analysis of quarterly and annual financial reports.  Your general analytical and mathematical problem-solving skills are excellent.  You are highly adept at data manipulation through Microsoft Excel.

·         Writing Experience – You are an excellent writer and have business writing experience, including writing research reports and articles for an executive level business audience.  Business journalism experience is a plus.

·         Communication Skills - You are comfortable interacting with CEO’s and top executives of business organizations to learn and understand their agenda and determine what research will be of most use to them in solving business problems.  You are able to communicate the results of your research both in writing and orally to business executives in a succinct and compelling manner.

·         Visualization of data – You have excellent judgment about when to use various chart types, tables and diagrams and are highly skilled in using Microsoft Excel and/or other software to create such graphics to communicate key research findings.  You have a keen eye for visual detail.  Your final work product has a finished look.

·         Flexibility – What you don’t already know, you are eager to learn.  You enjoy challenges.  You are not intimidated by software related to research and can pick up new skills as needed.

·         Intelligence – You can investigate and answer unfamiliar questions through original and creative analyses that generate perceptive value-added insight.

·         Business Experience – You’ve spent two or more years working in positions conducting significant quantitative and qualitative business research and analysis.

·         Vision – You can see both the forest and the trees and can master the details that need to be delivered on in the short term while keeping the big picture in mind and focusing on the most critical elements for long-term success. 

·         Execution Oriented – You get the right stuff done day-in and day-out.  You meet every deadline.  You’ve achieved significant results fast, and you can prove it with hard facts from previous jobs. 

·         People want to work with you again.  They respect you, they trust you and they learn from you.  Everyone knows that you’re a problem solver. Challenges get met when you’re around.  You’re comfortable working in a flexible team environment and are eager to lend a hand as needed.  You own up to mistakes quickly.  You pull your own weight and you do it with a smile.

A major plus would be experience in or with one or more of the following:
·         The staffing industry
·         Contingent staffing/workforce/HR/labor issues
·         Procurement issues
·         An analyst firm (e.g. Gartner, Corporate Executive Board, IDC, Forrester,  etc.)
·         A large management consulting firm (e.g. McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.)
·         Filemaker Pro

To apply for this position, please fill out this questionnaire: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22BMAHNC8QN/

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