December 10th, 2010


In what language do deaf people think?

The sign language most commonly used in the U.S. is American Sign Language, sometimes called Ameslan or just Sign. Those not conversant in Sign may suppose that it's an invented form of communication like Esperanto or Morse code. It's not. It's an independent natural language, evolved by ordinary people and transmitted culturally from one generation to the next.

I had no idea Sign was a natural language. I've always thought that it was an invented language, like Esperanto.

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Sasha Shulgin, father of Ecstasy, needs help

Sasha Shulgin is one of the pioneers of psychedelic medicine. As a chemist for DOW, he characterized MDMA (ecstasy), and a host of related drugs (at great cost to his career). In addition to its popularity as a recreational drug, MDMA has shown great promise as a treatment for intractable post-traumatic stress disorder. Given its great therapeutic potential, many believe it should not have been made a Schedule I drug.

Sasha recently suffered a stroke. He and his wife Ann are not rich, and they're struggling to pay their medical bills.

If you have found MDMA valuable in your life, you may wish to consider donating to their medical care fund:

For non-tax-deductible contributions: Paypal $ to [] or snailmail: Sasha Shulgin, c/o Transform Press, PO Box 13675, Berkeley CA 94712.

For tax-deductible online donations to support the completion of Shulgin publishing projects that are underway:

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