November 11th, 2010


Rainbow Mansion looking for housemates

[Rainbow folks are cool--recommended!]


Rainbow Mansion is looking for a couple new housemates. Below is the ad we're sending out.

*Driven, passionate house mates sought for Cupertino Mansion*

Come join a community of driven, international, passionate and socially
conscious people of the Valley. We are looking for creative, respectful
additions to our home. This place near the corner of Rainbow Drive and
Bubb Road in Cupertino is perfect for you if you enjoy collaborating
with others, want a sweet place to call home and are able to coexist
with others harmoniously.

Currently we are a group of nine young professionals (4f/5m) living in
the house with seven bedrooms, with diverse backgrounds and jobs,
including two working for NASA (space, biology), one Apple employee
(QA), one engineer from (renewable energy), two Stanford
scientists (neuromorphic chips, solar energy). We are from US, Canada,
UK, Poland and Germany and really would like to keep the gender and
international diversity!!

We really care about each other, and are very inclusive in our social
circles. We had some pretty memorable events. Think Supper Happy Dev
House (Hacker Parties), Super Happy Movie Nights, Singles Nights,
Halloween Parties, BBQs, NASA retreats, serious-business brainstorms and
company off-sites at the Mansion.

- Library filled with thousands of books, large fireplace, nice art and
a stately chandelier
- Music room with a grand piano, a keyboard and guitars
- Living room, dining room and breakfast nook with some nice 80's deco
- Huge projector screen for a new AppleTV, Xbox, PS3 and Wii. There is
also a huge fully-stocked bar which is perfect for entertaining during
movie nights
- Many rooms, some have sweet balconies and all have GREAT light and
hardwood floors.
- Kitchen with granite countertops, island, subzero freezer and wine
racks. The kitchen has all of the gadgets that you can imagine. There is
also a BBQ area outside.
- Laundry room with washer, dryer and ironing etc.
- Huge garage which is a tinkerer's delight!

*Bonus Features*
- Hostel for friends and family that sleeps up to six
- Koi pond with moat entrance to the house
- Beautifully landscaped front and backyard- wild turkeys often visit us :-)
- Million dollar view of the valley with plenty of parking spots for the
- House around the corner of Steven's Creek Park, which is beautiful for
hiking (and has some wineries just the other side :o)
- No TV (but a netflix subscription, in addition to hundreds of movies
in our DVD collection)

We are located directly near :
- Right off the 85 in Cupertino with easy access to the 280 and 101
- 10 minutes to Apple
- 15 minutes to Mountain View/NASA
- 20 minutes to Palo Alto/Stanford and Downtown San Jose
- 60 minutes to San Francisco

There are 1-2 bedrooms ($900-1000) opening up in December as people move
to the city or return to their home country. We will have an open house on
-Sunday, Nov. 14 3pm-9pm
-Tuesday, Nov. 16 7pm-9pm
-Sunday, Nov. 21 3pm-9pm
Please email when is good on those days, and if you would like to come
sooner or at another time.

If you are interested, please send us your thoughts on the following

0. Where you are from, what you studied, what you do?
1. What are 2 things you'd like to impact or contribute to during your
life? (there's no right answer, we're just curious!)
2. Imagine you came home on a Wednesday night to a group of 15 people
having impromptu dinner in the library. How would you feel?
3. What are your favourite books you'd be adding to the library?
4. Could you see yourself organizing or helping with any events around
the house We have salons or coding event here periodically, but also
smaller events, dinners, company brainstorming sessions, house projects
etc. any ideas for cool new things we could host?
5. What's your ideal social gathering?
6. Your experience living with people?

Contact: Email "will at willmarshall dot org", or call on +1 805 403 2096

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The Rise of the Vocaloid Rock Stars

"She’s a Japanese pop diva who’s just started to play massive stadium concerts to sold out crowds. Her hair is blue, she dresses like Sailor Moon, and she’ll only appear in concerts via a 3D ‘hologram’. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she’s completely fictional? Created by Crypton Future Media, Hatsune Miku is a virtual singing avatar that you can purchase for your PC and program to play any song you create. She and her virtual colleagues have gone on limited tours in Japan and virtual avatar song writing is a growing trend all over the world.
The technology for Crypton’s Hatsune Miku program comes from Yamaha’s Vocaloid software which provides the means to create a realistic synthesized singing voice. You can hear samples of the raw Vocaloid synthesizer (which hasn’t been styled to fit any particular character like Hatsune Miku) on its website here. Miku and other avatars retail for ¥15,750 (~$193) and allow users to compose music and connect it to vocals note by note. You can share the songs you create via sites like Piapro (JP). Writing music for virtual avatars has become so popular that Crypton has established a music label, KarenT, and you can see many of the associated music videos for these songs on their YouTube channel."

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